Dutch National Grid

In this page you will find information about the Dutch National Grid Infrastructure:


The Grid in general consists of a large number and variety of clusters which are distributed all over the Netherlands and abroad. Grid infrastructures in European member states are organised by means of their own National Grid Initiatives (NGIs). SURFsara offers Grid services in collaboration with Nikhef and RUG-CIT, and together we form the Dutch National Grid Initiative (NGI_NL).

The Dutch National Grid Initiative provides the Grid infrastructure to scientists affiliated with Dutch universities and other research institutes, and to international research projects that have established agreements with us.

Grid technology can be used for a variety of purposes and application types, however a subset of the worldwide Grid infrastructure can be dedicated for a specific purpose. For example our Dutch Grid infrastructure, which consists of a small number of tightly interconnected clusters, operated under the umbrella of NGI_NL, is very potent in enabling high-throughput processing of large datasets in a minimum amount of time.

National and European

The Dutch National Grid Infrastructure is connected to EGI, the European Grid Initiative, which allows Grid users in the Netherlands and abroad easy access to one another’s resources. EGI also supplies central monitoring and security and ensures smooth interoperability of all connected clusters.