Grid services

In this page you will find general information about the SURFsara Grid services and support:


To deploy your production tasks smoothly on the Grid, our services can be of great value. Our standard Grid services such as the Workload Management System, Compute Elements, Storage Elements, a Logical File Catalog, Virtual Organisation Management Services, and User Interface machines are indispensable for generic use of the Grid infrastructure. Apart from those we have additional services available as an option, that may be beneficial for your type of application.

Our Grid services provide:

  • High-throughput processing nodes for job execution

  • Access to scalable Grid storage facilities, disk and tape

  • Standard Grid Services like User Interfaces, Brokers, and Virtual Organisation management services

  • Token Pool Services (Picas Overview) for production run logistics, job collection management, monitoring and control

  • Virtual filesystem service Softdrive for centralized software deployment on distributed systems

  • Dedicated light paths : we offer support bridging the last mile between the end points and your data sources.

  • Consultancy : advice and support on getting access, working with Grid certificates, basic job submission, data access methods, best practices, advice on design and optimization of applications for performance improvements, integration with large-scale job-submission frameworks, and international upscaling.


You may request support for our Grid services by contacting us by phone or email. Our dedicated team at SURFsara helpdesk is more than willing to assist you for any questions or complaints and carefully take note of your remarks for further improvement of our services.

Check out the detailed information about SURFsara helpdesk. Please don’t hesitate to contact us!