Sectigo certificate

This section describes how to obtain and install a Sectigo Grid certificate. This is a prerequisite to get started on the Grid.

Obtain a Sectigo certificate

Sectigo allows you to get your Grid certificate instantly from the GEANT Trusted Certificate Service (former was the Terena portal and then Digicert), by using your institutional login (SURFconext).

The following guide will help you:

  • obtain a Sectigo certificate instantly from a portal

  • change the certificate formats

  • install a Sectigo certificate on your own computer or UI

  • install a Sectigo certificate in your browser

Instructions on acquiring and setting up a Sectigo certificate can be found in the step by step guide below. For Grid, make sure you select the type GÉANT Personal Authentication certificate as explained in the guide:


If you saved the certificate files on your laptop, please make sure that you copy it from your local machine to your .globus directory on the UI.