Downtimes and maintenances

Here you will find details to keep informed for the ongoing and upcoming downtimes and maintenances in our Grid systems:

Ongoing maintenances

You can lookup announcements for the current status of the Grid systems, including all ongoing downtimes and maintenances on our website under:

Systems > System status > National e-Infrastructure Grid Maintenances

Direct link:

Upcoming maintenances

If you use want to receive notifications and be prepared for upcoming downtimes and maintenances, you can create personal subscriptions to receive announcements tailored specifically for the Grid services and clusters that are relevant for you.

  • Login to the portal here: (click on EGI button)

  • Select your academic or social account and login

  • If your academic or social account _does not work_ go to ‘EGI SSO’ for and select ‘forgot password’ to create a new account

  • The first time you login you will be asked to “Sign Up EGI user community”
    • Click and review the terms & conditions. Once you agree you will receive an email. Click on the link to verify address

    • Accept the invitation and verify again

  • You should have now logged in successfully to the portal

  • Click on Downtimes Link button and then on the top right “SUBSCRIPTION”. Add your email as Subscriber

  • Create the following rule to receive notifications
    • Rule: I WANT

    • Region: NGI_NL

    • Site: SARA-MATRIX

    • Node: All nodes

    • VO: All VOs

    • Comm. channels: click on ‘Add comm’. Then ‘+Add new’ -> Type: Email(HTML), Value: put your email address and click ‘Enter’ in the same field box -> click ‘Close’

  • Click on Save rules specifications to take effect. From now on you should receive notifications when the Gina cluster or SURFsara dCache has a downtime

NOTE: for dCache only select webdav and srm only notifications.

If you need help creating your subscription(s) we are of course willing to assist at